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Summing up everything we have said in our today’s article, you may get the impression that there is nothing special about the today’s launch of Core i7-975 XE and i7-950 processors. And in fact, it is partially true: from the formal prospective, Intel has merely refreshed the “looks” of their high-performance solutions by raising their clock speed 133MHz up, which makes as little as 5%. And it has hardly affected the performance. The performance gain is barely noticeable in those applications where Core i7 processors have always been great, and is way too little to change the situation for them in those tasks where they yielded to their predecessors.

However, clock frequency increase is not the only change in the new Core i7 processors. There are a few other smaller differences brought in by the new D0 processor stepping of the Bloomfield core. The new CPUs have become a little more energy-efficient. Namely, we can say that a 133MHz frequency increase didn’t affect the power consumption and heat dissipation levels at all. Besides, their overclocking potential has also improved. 4.0GHz frequency is an easily attainable goal for the new Core i7 CPUs, even with just air-cooling involved.

As a result, even though new Core i7 processors don’t boast any significant improvements, they offer a bunch of useful little things. And this is more than enough to keep us from complaining about Intel being passive in the upper price segment.

In conclusion I would like to say that Core i7 processors still remain an excellent platform for those users who create and process multimedia content.  Core i7 feels totally at home in applications working with models, sound, images and videos. However, if you have decided to go with an LGA1366 platform, you will have to accept not only high price of its components, but also not the best performance in a few games and relatively high power consumption.

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