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General Performance

To estimate the processors performance in general-purpose apps we use SYSmark 2007 test that emulates usage models in popular office and digital content creation and processing applications. The idea of this benchmark is very simple: it produces a single score that characterizes average system performance.

We can see Intel’s new microarchitectures being indeed superior to the older solutions: the LGA1156 and LGA1366 processors are faster than their LGA775 and Socket AM3 opponents. Even the dual-core models like the Core i5-670 are easily ahead of the six-core products from AMD in SYSmark 2007. So, it is no wonder the Phenom II X6 is so inexpensive. This series is only competitive to the Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad series in practical applications.

The dual-core Core i5-670 and Core i5-680 CPUs are indeed very fast in SYSmark 2007 because most of popular real-life applications use only two CPU cores. They also have high clock rates and feature Hyper-Threading for multithreaded applications.

But it is the Core i7 series for both LGA1366 and LGA1156 that wins in SYSmark 2007. The LGA1366 platform justifies its higher positioning, and nearly all of the LGA1366 processors prove to be faster than their LGA1156 counterparts. For example, the senior model of the Core i7 800 series is but slightly ahead of the Core i7-950, but that’s hardly a surprise considering their prices.

The table below contains the detailed scores from the SYSmark 2007 suite sorted according to the application type:

Easy to see, the high overall scores of the dual-core processors Core i5-670 and Core i5-680 are explained by their high performance in office and image-editing applications. The CPUs with more cores are ahead at processing video content and 3D modeling.

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