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General Performance

To estimate the processors performance in general-purpose apps we use SYSmark 2007 test that emulates usage models in popular office and digital content creation and processing applications. The idea of this benchmark is very simple: it produces a single score that characterizes average system performance.

LGA1156 platform is an indisputable leader in this test. Dual- and quad-core Core i3 and Core i5 LGA1156 processors take over the entire upper part of the diagram stressing the advantages of contemporary Intel’s microarchitecture. By the way, note that there is very little performance difference between quad-core and dual-core Core i5 processors, which indicates how effective Hyper-Threading technology actually is, as in this case it successfully replaces physical cores with the virtual ones.

As far as other platforms are concerned, Socket AM3 processors from the Phenom II family outperform almost all LGA775 competitors, but at the same time cam only compete against the junior and medium-ranked Core i3 CPUs. The low-cost quad-core Athlon II X4 processors appear to be the outsiders in this test, as they yield even to Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Duo solutions.

The table below contains the detailed scores from the SYSmark 2007 suite sorted according to the application type:

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