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Mathematical Calculations

We launch standard MathematicaMark7 test from Wolfram Mathematica suite to measure the systems’ performance here.

The best score belongs to Core i5-750 that has four cores with contemporary microarchitecture, high-performance memory controller and large L3 cache. This result is actually not surprising at all. What is really surprising, that there is a dual-core LGA775 processor right next to it on the chart.

Final Rendering

We use special Cinebench test to measure the final rendering speed in Maxon Cinema 4D.

The more cores there are, the higher is the performance. This principle can be seen clearly in rendering tasks, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see six-core processors outperform quad-core one, and quad-cores – the dual-core ones. If we compare the performance of processors with the same number of computational cores, we will see that Socket AM3 and LGA1156 CPUs are always ahead of the LGA775 ones.

Rendering speed in Autodesk 3ds max 2011 with both, Scanline as well as Mental Ray, was measured using SPECapc test.

The relative rendering speed in 3ds max 2011 is very similar to the Cinebench results, although Intel processors perform obviously better here. As a result, Core i5-750 is almost as fast as the six-core AMD CPU, Core 2 Quad family competes successfully against Athlon II X4, and dual-core Phenom II X2 takes the last place.

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