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Performance in Games

Battlefield 2

The high graphics quality settings in battlefield 2 didn’t affect the gaming performance that much. Systems with fast processors reach pretty high fps rates without any problems.

However, the obtained results still gave us some food for thought. Firstly, we can clearly see that the performance of systems with fast processors is limited by the graphics subsystem. Any Pentium 4 and Athlon 64 CPUs as well as the top Sempron processor model with the 3400+ performance rating produces the same results.

The actual performance differences can be observed only between the Celeron D and the remaining Sempron processor models. If we compare their results we will clearly see that in the budget segment AMD CPUs would be a better choice for gaming needs, especially in Battlefield 2. Even overclocking doesn’t help Celeron D to win. Of course, the overclocked Celeron D performs better than the CPU working at the nominal frequencies, however it still fails to get into the leading group. Sempron overclocking appears much more efficient, because once it reaches 2.6GHz its performance catches up with that of Athlon 64.

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