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Serious Sam 2

The performance in Serious Sam 2 is quite scalable depending on the CPU power. Moreover, the connection between the fps rate with high graphics quality settings and the CPU speed can be observed in all cases even with the most powerful processors. Although in the latter case this connection is not that strong any more. For example, the frequency difference between Athlon 64 FX-57 and Athlon 64 3200+ is 40%, while the performance difference is only 6.5%. The only comment I have to make right now is about the price difference between these two: it makes 665% and easily beats both previous differences.

The performance difference between the fastest and the slowest Pentium 4 CPU model is considerably greater. Serious Sam 2 shooter, like many other games, feels much better when working in a K8 based system than in a NetBurst based one. Somewhere in the middle of the NetBurst based CPUs line-up the processors can no longer provide sufficient computational power for comfortable gaming. Therefore, if we look at the results obtained in systems with slower Pentium 4 CPUs, we will see that the performance is limited not by the graphics card any more but mostly by the CPU.

Inexpensive Sempron and Celeron D processors, just like the youngest Pentium 4 solutions, limit the fps rate in this game when we run it with the maximum graphics quality settings. Of course, Sempron appears far ahead of Celeron D, and when overclocked - even gets into the leading group (these are the CPUs that load the graphics subsystem to the full extent). Overclocked Celeron D cannot boast anything like that and even falls behind Pentium 4 630.

I would like to specifically stress the performance of our dual-core testing participants in Serious Sam 2 game. The second test session carried out in this 3D shooter with the settings close to real gaming conditions indicates that dual-core CPUs perform very well here. They are evidently faster than their single-core fellows working at the same clock speeds. In other words, Serious Sam 2 knows to deal with Athlon 64 X2 and Pentium D in the most efficient way.

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