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Quake 4

In the previous article we said that the CPU speed affects the gaming performance in Quake 4 quite tangibly. This time we are about to take these words back. Once we increased the screen resolution and set the graphics quality to the maximum all high-end and mainstream CPUs started running equally fast. The performance difference between them never exceeded 6%. Therefore, I would warn you against using Quake 4 as a criterion for selecting the best gaming CPU, if you are not planning to go for a budget processor.

However, I have to admit that even in this game Celeron D and Sempron CPUs can easily compete with the more expensive solutions when it comes to the fps rate. It is solely due to efficient overclocking that allows these budget solutions to feel pretty powerful.

If we take a really close look at the diagram above, maybe even through a magnifying glass, we might be able to make some conclusions about the relative CPU performance. For example, we can once again confirm that Quake 4 uses the advantages of dual-core architecture.

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