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Core i7-975 EE vs. Core i5-750 in Games

We know that the frame rate of a modern video game depends much more on the graphics card than on the CPU but does it make sense to try to save on the latter? Won’t a cheaper CPU be a bottleneck in a system with a newest graphics card? We are going to investigate this issue using all of our testing tools. The platform we use for benchmarking graphics cards is already equipped with one of the fastest CPUs available today. It is an Intel Core i7-975 Extreme Edition that sells in retail for $700-800. Let’s compare it with an affordable Intel Core i5-750:

The Core i5-750 is appealing from a financial point of view. Having a recommended price of $199, it can be found selling for $170-190. It is a full-featured quad-core CPU with the Nehalem architecture, 8 megabytes of L2 cache, but without Hyper-Threading. The latter technology is unimportant for gaming whereas the amount of cache is. And the i5-750 is just as good as the i7-975 EE in terms of cache memory. It must also be noted that a good LGA1156 mainboard is going to be much cheaper than an LGA1366 one.

From every aspect the Core i5-750 looks a highly attractive option for a gamer who wants to save some money on the CPU and invest it into a faster graphics card. Having both platforms at our disposal, we want to check out how wise such economy is and if the affordable CPU will allow the graphics card to show its best.

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