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Performance in Third-Person 3D Shooters

Just Cause 2

This game’s integrated benchmark does not report the bottom frame rate.

The AMD cards do not lose much speed when switching from the LGA1366/Core i7-975 EE platform to the LGA1156/Core i5-750 one. It is only in one case that the gap is more than 15%, with the Radeon HD 5770 at 1920x1080 (this resolution is too high for that card anyway). Like in most other tests, the smallest effect is observed at 2560x1600 where the capabilities of the graphics subsystem come to the fore.

The Nvidia products do not show clear trends but the GeForce GTX 275 is overall more CPU-dependent in this game than its newer GF100-based cousins. The cheaper CPU and mainboard do not provoke a serious performance hit. If the frame rate is high on the LGA1366/Core i7-975 EE, it is also playable on the LGA1156/Core i5-750. The opposite is true, too. If you buy a top-end CPU, you still won’t be able to increase the frame rate to a comfortable level with a GeForce GTX 275 despite the formal performance increase of 25%.

Resident Evil 5

This test is unique as the difference between the two platforms having the same graphics card inside may be as high as 45 and even 60%! On the other hand, the frame rates are so high that this performance boost has no practical value. And the difference becomes small at 2560x1600, just when the extra speed would be most called for. The only exception is the Radeon HD 5970 which is 16% slower with the Core i5-750 at the highest resolution, but the difference between 110 and 95 fps cannot be felt without Fraps.

Street Fighter IV

The integrated benchmark does not report the bottom frame rate.

The Nvidia solutions are less CPU-dependent than their opponents in this game. The Radeon HD 5000 series is up to 30-35% slower on the LGA1156/Core i5-750 platform than on the LGA1366/Core i7-975 EE. With the Nvidia cards, the maximum difference is 15%, which is observed with the GeForce GTX 480 at 1600x900. In the other cases, the difference is even smaller than 10%, the GeForce GTX 275 being even faster on the slower platform (this must be due to the Core i5-750 not supporting Hyper-Threading). The frame rate is playable in every case, so this game does not really call for a top-end CPU.

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