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It is evident that the year 2005 is going to become an important milestone for the multi-core architectures evolution. All major processor developers will have not only to present their dual-core CPUs but also to clearly describe their ongoing plans in this direction. Of course, at first dual-core processors will receive a very warm welcome in all market segments. But as the time passes and the OS and software developers adapt more to the new working conditions, the multi-core processor architectures can lead the industry to the new performance levels.

Moreover, the appearance of dual-core processors and solutions with additional new features once again indicate that the clock frequency race is no longer acute. I believe that in the near future we will not select processors according to their clock rates but will take into account the whole lot of various characteristics, including not only the working frequency, but also the number of processor cores, cache memory size, additional technologies support and maybe more.

So, it is quite possible that the entire next year will be very interesting for all of you who follow the events in the computer market regularly. The CPU market will go through a lot of dramatic technological changes, which we’d better get ready for in advance. However, it is the marketing companies who should pay due attention to this sort of preparations in the first place. Our task is to let you know about these coming changes as early as possible. Hopefully, this article fulfills this goal of ours :)

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