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Summing up our experience of using and overclocking Haswell-based CPUs on different mainboards, we were surprised to find how many different factors have to be accounted for. Your task is simpler. You only have to deal with one mainboard and one CPU sample. The long and detailed descriptions in our text shouldn’t frighten you. As a matter of fact, most of the procedures take just a few seconds to do, but you shouldn’t save your time on checking your computer out for stability. You must be 100% sure that your game won’t freeze at the most unexpected moment.

However disappointing the LGA1150 Haswell-based CPUs may be, they are the best choice for versatile high-performance home PCs because the LGA2011 platform, preferable in some scenarios, is optimized for professional applications. We wish the new CPUs were faster, more economical and cheaper, but we have to deal with what we have. As for mainboards, Gigabyte’s seem to be the best choice currently as they are the easiest to set up. They are good at their default settings and let you overclock both with and without volt-modding. ASUS mainboards are traditionally top-class and offer the richest selection of setup options. MSI mainboards are very economical but have a lot of downsides. ASRock products are not as good as they used to be.

Most probably, you will have a mainboard from one of these four major brands. But what to do if you’ve got a mainboard from Elitegroup or Biostar, for example? Well, the method of fine-tuning and overclocking them is the same overall, even the names of the BIOS options will likely be the same. So, you just enable all of the power-saving technologies, try to overclock your CPU without changing its voltage, and then, if necessary, check it out at a constant increased voltage. We hope this article will help you in your overclocking endeavors. Good luck!

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