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Power Consumption

Formally, larger the number of cores in the new Core i7-980X processor didn’t lead to any changes in the calculated TDP. It is LGA1366 compatible in TDP due to more advanced production process used to manufacture semiconductor Gulftown dies as well as due to lower Uncore frequency and voltage. As a result, the calculated TDP of the Core i7-980X processor is 130 W, just like the TDP of the Core i7-975 CPU.

Nevertheless, in order to get a more detailed picture we also performed some power consumption tests. The graphs below show total system power consumption (without the monitor) measured “past” the power supply unit and representing overall power consumption of all system components. In this case we do not take into account the efficiency of the PSU itself. During our tests we used 64-bit LinX 0.6.3 utility to load the systems to the utmost extent. Moreover, to ensure that we estimate the power consumption in idle mode correctly we activated all power-saving technologies, such as C1E, AMD Cool'nQuiet 3.0 and Enhanced Intel SpeedStep.

In idle mode LGA1366 platform consumes more power than other tested platforms independent of the processor type used in it. it can be explained by the fact that Intel X58 Express chipset is pretty power-hungry. As for the actual CPU power consumption, in idle mode it doesn’t exceed a few watts.

Under heavy load things are much more interesting. The new six-core processor turns out even more energy-efficient than its quad-core fellow – Core i7-975. However, 32 nm production process doesn’t really work any specific wonders and Core i7-980X remains pretty power consuming: its numbers are higher than those of the top LGA1156 and Socket AM3 solutions. On the other hand, keeping in mind that Gulftown have 1.5 times higher computational potential, the energy-efficiency (the performance-to-consumption ratio) is also on a completely different level in this case.

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