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Synthetic Benchmarks

We rarely use purely synthetic benchmarks, but this time we decided to pay certain attention to benchmarks from SiSoftware Sandra 2010 suite. The thing is that they help estimate the performance of individual processor units separate from the performance of the platform as a whole. Therefore, the use of these tests confirms that Pineview processors do not have any microarchitectural improvements.

Atom D510 processor demonstrates very insignificant advantage over Atom 330. And this difference is obviously determined by only one factor: slightly higher clock frequency. In other words, obtained numbers clearly indicate that the microarchitecture of the new Atom (Pineview) processors is not any different from the microarchitecture of the previous generation Atom CPUs (Diamondville).

The second synthetic benchmark that we used for our investigation of Pine Trail platform performance is the memory sub-system test from the Lavalys Everest 5.30 diagnostic utility.

And here we see some progress. Atom D510 is significantly ahead of the previous generation platform in terms of memory sub-system performance. And that is still the case despite the fact that it uses a single-channel memory controller. However, the increased practical bandwidth of the memory sub-system and its lower latency in new generation nettop platform can easily be explained by the increase in the DDR2 SDRAM frequency from 533 to 800 MHz as well as the elimination of the FSB bus that used to serve as a connecting link between the processor and the memory controller in the old platform and no longer exists in the new one.

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