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We didn’t have the chance to run a lot of benchmarks, because of the limited time with the systems we had at our disposal, however we would still like to share some of the obtained results.

PCMark05 test is relatively old therefore it hardly uses the potential of the four computational cores in this system. That is why Core 2 Extreme X6800 working at higher clock speed wins in the total score chart. 3DMark06 is more intellectual from this prospective, and it creates fully-fledged multi-threaded workload in processor subtests. The result is evident of course: the winner is the quad-core Kentsfield CPU despite its lower clock speed compared with that of the tested Conroe model.

However these are synthetic tests that have very little to do with real-life applications. Especially, since there are no games that can take real advantage of all four processor cores. Therefore, Intel didn’t let the reviewers to run any games during the hands-on test session.

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