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But there are certainly other applications that can give you the feel of the actual quad-core power. For example, the DiVX 6.2.5 codec that shows considerably better results during High Definition content encoding by splitting the work into 4 parallel processes.

As we see, Kenstfield processor working at 2.66GHz outperforms Core 2 Extreme X6800 working at higher frequency of 2.93GHz by over 35%.

We see very similar situation during non-linear video editing performed with Sony Vegas tool.

The new processor is over 50% ahead of the predecessor here!

Of course, we couldn’t leave out final rendering tests in 3D modeling applications, because it can be split into parallel processes very efficiently.

During the rendering of the scene on the picture below performed in POV-Ray we obtained the following results:

The quad-core CPU is beyond any possible reach here: it is 80% faster than the predecessor!

In 3ds max 8 we rendered the following image:

The results are excellent again. Kentsfield is more than 60% ahead of the top dual-core solution.

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