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Cooling Systems for Sandy Bridge-E

Since we mentioned better coolers, we have to say that Intel has been discussing the possibility to use liquid-cooling systems for their LGA 2011 processors for a long time now. And at this IDF we saw that it was indeed so. The top Sandy Bridge-E processors will be bundled with a special liquid-cooling system from Intel – RTS2011C.

We saw it in action in the overclocked system we mentioned above:

The default RTS2011C liquid-cooling system, which will be shipped with Intel LGA 2011 processor, is made by Asetek. They supply their OEM systems to many manufacturers, including such well-known names as Corsair, for example. This system includes a water block with a copper base and built-in pump and a 150 mm radiator, which weighs quite a lot (820 g). The radiator is topped with a 120 mm fan with blue LEDs in it, which rotates at 800-2200 RPM. According to Intel, it should generated anywhere between 21 and 35 dBA of noise.

Intel’s liquid-cooling system looks very similar to Corsair Hydro H70.

In fact, don’t assume that the new LGA 2011 processors will have such catastrophic heat dissipation that the liquid-cooling system will be a must. Of course, 130 W TDP is significantly higher than what Sandy Bridge for LGA 1155 had, but there is nothing to be afraid of here. Intel is simply trying to offer overclockers a good option for consideration. In reality, a good air-cooler with heatpipes may be more than enough.

We saw a corresponding cooling solution at the Dynatron booth.

A cooler like that using heat-pipe direct-contact technology will serve the purpose perfectly not only in nominal mode but also during overclocking experiments on the new LGA 2011 platform.

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