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Now let’s look at a few MSI offerings. The first board is MSI X79A-GD45:

This one also has only four DIMM slots and only three PCI Express graphics card slots.

The next MSI mainboard, X79A-GD65, is a little more expensive:

Here we again see only four memory slots, but there are five PCI Express x16 slots instead. Besides, we got a few buttons for CPU overclocking and contact spots where you could read the voltages using a conventional multi-meter.

But if you want to put the maximum amount of memory in, MSI can offer you a special mainboard modification with eight DDR3 DIMM slots called X79A-GD65 (8D):

This one has not only more DIMM slots, but also a more powerful VRM circuitry.

Final Remarks

Everything we saw this week that was related to the upcoming LGA 20111 platform proves that it is going to launch very shortly. The mainboard makers suspect that at this time the launch is planned for some time in mid November, but Intel may push this important even to an earlier date just as easily. So, AMD Bulldozer processors won’t be enjoying their leadership for long: they should soon face a very serious opponent.

The following slide will give you some idea about the performance of the Sandy Bridge-E processors. Here we compare Core i7-3960X against Core i7-990X for LGA 1366.

As we see, even though these are both six-core CPUs, and i7-990X even works at 166 MHz higher clock frequency, Sandy Bridge-E is indisputably far ahead. So, the upcoming LGA 2011 platform should undoubtedly have a great future in the enthusiast segment.

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