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Bloomfield is the First Nehalem

First mass production processors based on new Nehalem microarchitecture will be desktop processors codenamed Bloomfield. They will have four cores. Besides these four cores the Bloomfield processor die will also contain 8MB L3 cache, triple-channel memory controller supporting DDR3 SDRAM and one QPI interface. The CPU like that will consist of 731 mln transistors and will be manufactured with 45nm process using high-k dielectric metal gates. This die will be big.

Bloomfield processors will be marketed as Core i7. The first models due to come out in mid November will work at 3.2, 2.93 and 2.66GHz frequencies and the typical heat dissipation of all three will be set at 130W.

Keeping in mind that processors on Nehalem microarchitecture have a built-in memory controller and high-speed QPI interface, they will use different packaging. Core i7 will be manufactured in LGA1366 form-factor of much bigger size than LGA775: 42.5 x 45mm.

So, Core i7 will require new mainboards that can currently be based only on one single chipset supporting QPI interface: Intel X58 Express.

More details on Core i7 processors are summed up in the table below:

The Extreme Edition model will not only boast higher clock frequency, but will also be overclocking friendly. It will have an unlocked frequency multiplier and memory frequency multiplier.

It is evident that Core i7 processors will take over the high-end desktop segment. They will replace the top Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Extreme processors that will soon stop shipping. Note that the Core i7 lineup will include only three models for a relatively long period of time. According to Intel roadmap, only in the middle of 2009 things will change and there will be more Nehalem choices not only in high-end but also in the mainstream segment at more affordable prices.

New processors should arrive into the server and workstation segment early next year, and into mobile platforms – in H2 2009.

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