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Special Overclocking Tools

So, today it is very simple to overclock a CPU. All you need to do is increase the clock frequency of the processor core. There are different programs and utilities that allow overclocking right from the Windows. Take, for instance, ClockGen :

There are a few different versions of this utility designed for different mainboards and chipsets. Moreover, many mainboard vendors offer their own overclocking tools. For example, EasyTune5 from Gigabyte :

...or CoreCenter from MSI:

You can find these programs on driver CD discs that are bundled with the mainboards from these vendors, and the updated versions can be downloaded from the mainboard manufacturers’ web-sites. Is it good to use these utilities for overclocking purposes? Of course, it is. Sometimes, it is the only possibility to overclock the CPU if the mainboard offers very limited options for overclocking from the BIOS Setup. However, despite the seeming convenience and easiness of overclocking from these special utilities, I personally prefer not to use them if there is a choice. And there are multiple reasons for that. First of all, any program may have bugs, and do we really need any additional problems? When you overclock the CPU from the BIOS Setup, you do it immediately after the system boot-up, and the tools and utilities we have just mentioned will only start working once the Windows is running. Moreover, the system boot-up and windows loading can already be a sort of a stability test for the overclocked system. All in all, if you would like to overclock your CPU with the help of special tools and utilities, you should hardly have any serious issues ever: you can read the utility description on the manufacturer’s web-site or in the mainboard manual. So, today I suggest paying special attention to overclocking from the BIOS Setup.

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