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So, the CPU has been successfully overclocked, but your work is not done yet: it is not only the CPU that makes the system performance. Have you already forgotten that you reduced the memory working frequency in the very beginning? Now you should bring it back up by setting the most optimal timings. Here you should better go for advice to your friends who may have already done it before or undertake a few experiments of your own: high frequency doesn’t always result in high performance. Adjust the parameters one by one and test all the changes you’ve made right away. If you are a gaming fan, then the next thing you might want to do will be graphics card overclocking.

Well, you know it is impossible to write everything in one single article. There are a lot of details, of course, but overclocking is not a complicated thing to do. Check out our previous articles , our Forums and talk to your friends. But before you get to overclocking, think: an unoverclocked system working stably and reliably with its nominal settings is much better than a system overclocked to the point of no return.

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