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The new Presler core for dual-core Intel Pentium D processors has already been reviewed in great detail on our site before. You can check out our article devoted to the top processor model from this family, Pentium Extreme Edition 955, alongside with the review of the youngest processor models, such as Pentium D 920 and Pentium D 930. Therefore, it would be really hard to write another article on Presler that would share anything new. Nevertheless, the severe circumstances driven by Intel’s policy force us to take our chances and do it. So, today we are going to introduce to you another dual-core Intel processor based on the 65nm Presler core. This time it is going to be the new Pentium Extreme Edition CPU that comes to replace the processor running at 3.46GHz that was introduced in the end of last year.

Even though Intel has clearly defined its future plans regarding the desktop processors without the NetBurst architecture, Presler remains the most up-to-date and technologically advanced company active as of today. The CPUs with principally new Conroe architecture will hit the market closer to the fall, so Intel has to maintain its desktop processor line-up on a competitive level until then mostly with Presler’s help. Especially since the frequency potential of this core is quite impressive, as we have shown in our previous articles, so we cannot claim that the frequency growth of the Pentium D family has stalled because of the core limitations.

In fact this article today is devoted to another case of frequency increase like that. Today, on March 22, Intel officially launched the new Pentium Extreme Edition 965 working at 3.73GHz clock speed.

In fact there is nothing extremely interesting about the core clock speed increase of the Presler based processor. Especially, since we have already tested a Pentium Extreme Edition 955 overclocked to 4.26GHz. However, there is one small detail that makes us very interested in taking a closer look at the newcomer. The thing is that Pentium Extreme Edition 965 is the first CPU out there based on the new C1 Presler core stepping. So, looks like there will be some new announcements today.

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