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The autumnal outburst of announcements in the CPU market has exhausted itself and today we are examining the last announced top-end desktop processor among those that will be competing for the CPU socket in your computer during the approaching Christmas sales season.

We are talking about the Intel Pentium 4 570J CPU which is based on the Prescott core and works at 3.8GHz frequency. Besides the increased frequency, this processor is curious for its being the last CPU from Intel to use the current version of the Prescott core. After Intel’s abandoning the plans for a further frequency escalation, the Pentium 4 570J has a chance to be a frequency leader for a long while. At least, Intel doesn’t plan to boost the frequency further, focusing on other performance-improving techniques instead like a larger L2 cache and dual-core architectures. So, we just couldn’t leave the Pentium 4 570J out of our scrutinizing sight.

The new processor from Intel provokes even more interest as it is based on the new E0 stepping of the core, which had been supposed to form a basis for a further development of the Prescott-core Pentium 4 series. At least, we hoped it would be one until Intel declared the abandonment of its plans to release 4GHz and faster Prescott-core models. Considering this, the new stepping of the core may become a sensation among overclockers, and we will check this out in this review.

The Pentium 4 570J, which is going to become the highest-performing CPU in the Pentium 4 series, will be a competitor to the recently-announced AMD Athlon 64 4000+. It’s no secret AMD’s top-end solutions have rapidly raised the performance bar for systems of PC enthusiasts, and it’s interesting to see if the announcement of the Pentium 4 570J can restore the status quo.

After examining the newcomer in detail we will try to answer the question which CPU family, Pentium 4 or Athlon 64, can be called the leader of the market on the eve of the new year.

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