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The Good of the Pentium 4 570J

The Pentium 4 570J is the first CPU based on the Prescott core of the new E0 stepping. Cores of that stepping are going to get into other Pentiums 4, but so far we can only examine the particulars on the example of this new CPU. So, what’s so unusual about the new stepping? Intel’s official documentation defines the advantages of Pentium 4 models with the E0 stepping of the Prescott core (compared to the cores of the earlier D0 stepping) as “Execute Disable Bit support and additional power management features”.

By the way, the letter J in the model number of the new CPU stands for the new core stepping. This letter actually denotes the support of Execute Disable Bit technology, but processors with D0 and C0 core steppings do not offer this technology. Next, the return value of the CPUID instruction changes from 0xF34h to 0xF41h as the Pentium 4 transitions to the new stepping of the Prescott core, so it should be quite easy to tell a Pentium 4 with the new core from other models.

Another interesting fact is that the E0 core stepping was developed by Intel when there was no talk about the cancellation of Pentium 4 models clocked above 3.8GHz. So, one of the goals the engineers faced then was to increase the frequency potential of the Prescott core in such a way that would allow for a mass production of CPUs with clock rates of 4GHz and higher. Thus, we should also add a higher overclockability to the specified features of the E0 core stepping. We will talk about that in more detail below.

Otherwise, the Pentium 4 570J resembles the earlier Prescott-core models: 1MB L2 cache, Hyper-Threading, 800MHz system bus (its multiplier is 19x).

The popular informational utility CPUZ reports the following about the Pentium 4 570J:

CPUZ couldn’t detect the processor’s support of the Execute Disable Bit technology, so there’s no letter J in the model name. It also couldn’t determine the CPU voltage on our mainboard.

Here’s the list of formal characteristics of the Pentium 4 570J:

  • Packaging: LGA775;
  • Clock rate: 3.80GHz;
  • System bus: 800MHz Quad Pumped Bus;
  • Core: Prescott, manufactured with 90nm technology using “strained” silicon;
  • L1 cache size: 16KB data, 12,000 micro-ops trace cache;
  • L2 cache size: 1024KB;
  • Transistor count: 125 million;
  • Die size: 112 sq. mm;
  • SIMD extensions supported: SSE, SSE2, SSE3;
  • Technologies supported: Hyper-Threading, Execute Disable Bit;
  • Rated voltage: 1.287-1.400v;
  • TDP: 115W.
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