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Having introduced its K8 processors to high-performance computer systems first, AMD is now steadily transferring its entire infrastructure to the new advanced architecture. The Socket A platform will have become obsolete very soon – the production of processors for this older socket is expected to stop in the next few months. What’s the replacement? It’s obvious – AMD’s line-up of low-end CPUs will only include inexpensive Sempron processors for the Socket 754 platform.

Coming to be a new Duron series, AMD’s Sempron family was announced in the third quarter of the last year. Until recently almost the whole family had consisted of Socket A processors previously selling under the Athlon XP brand. There had been only one Sempron for Socket 754 systems – the top model of the series with the rating of 3100+. This model had won universal recognition from the users due to the upgrade opportunities it had given: without changing the platform, this CPU can be anytime replaced with a high-performance Athlon 64 processor with a rating up to 3700+. Upgradeability is a definite plus of any platform.

Then AMD made a second step in this plan of unification its product line-up. Prior to abandoning Semprons for Socket A altogether, AMD offered a wider selection of Semprons for Socket 754. So, February 14, the company announced new Semprons with ratings 2600+, 2800+ and 3000+, designed for Socket 754. These processors are even a little cheaper than their Socket A counterparts with the same ratings, which is an indication of AMD’s serious intention to dismiss the out-dated Sempron for Socket A as soon as possible. Eventually, there will only remain two platforms from AMD: Socket 754 for low-end and midrange systems and Socket 939 for high-performance computers and for PC enthusiasts.

We thought the release of the new Semprons for Socket 754 an intriguing event, worthy of a dedicated article, especially considering the fact that the new Semprons for Socket 754 differ somewhat from their earlier-released mate, the Sempron 3100+ model. So we just went to a nearby shop and bought a 2600+ CPU, the junior model of the Sempron for Socket 754 series, and wrote this review.

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