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The operating systems from Microsoft supporting 64bit extensions of the x86 architecture are still one of the most acute topics for discussion out there. The thing is that there are quite a few processors in the market, which support x86-64, although there are still no mass operating systems fort this architecture. At present the owners of 64-bit AMD Athlon 64 FX and AMD Athlon 64 processors have either to out up with the fact that their CPU doesn’t use its given potential power to the full extent when working under 32-bit operating systems, or to got for Linux systems, which are  considerably less popular compared to Windows.

The need for 64-bit Windows-type of systems compatible with the x86-64 bit architecture gets even more and more vital since the Intel’s new processors are also going to acquire 64bit extensions support in the nearest future. The upcoming Intel Pentium 4 XE and Intel Pentium 4 6XX processors due later this month, will also support 64-bit extensions of the x86 architecture, just like their competitors from AMD. Also, they will introduce compatibility with x86-64 architecture in their budget Celeron D processors in the nearest future.

After a few unplanned delays, Microsoft is going to finally launch their Windows operating systems for CPUs with x86-64 architecture in the first half of 2005. The first system from this family, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, is expected to be officially announced during CeBIT in Germany, which traditionally takes place in early spring. In the meanwhile, in the beginning of this year, Microsoft provided the Release candidate 1 of this operating system, which they allow using for introductory purposes. So, our today’s article is going to be devoted to the features and peculiarities of the upcoming Windows XP Professional x64 Edition version 1289, which is none other but this particular RC1.

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