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Ice Storm

As expected, Ice Storm cannot reveal the full potential of most of the graphics cards we test today since their performance is limited by the CPU and platform. Even though we use a six-core CPU, the top-end cards deliver identical performance whereas the dual-processor GeForce GTX 690 is but a little faster than the single-processor Radeon HD 7970.

The scores differ more in the graphics subtest but, as we’ll see later, do not reflect the actual picture of performance well enough.

Anyway we can note that while the graphics cards don’t differ much in the top price segment, the Nvidia-based products are superior in the low-end segment.

The Ice Storm physics subtest uses one CPU core, leaving the GPU idle. Here are the results:

Our testbed runs at the same speed irrespective of what AMD-based card we install. The Nvidia-based cards make the output more variable. The benchmark developers have actually warned that this might be the case since this load is too low for modern desktop PCs.

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