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In the second SM2.0 test the GPU frequency plays even bigger role than in the first test: the math1ematical performance of the pixel and vertex processors depends directly on the GPU frequency. The leadership here again belongs to S3 Chrome S27, which is closely followed by Radeon X800 GT due to more vertex processors it has. Although Radeon X1300 PRO cannot really find a task up to its abilities, it is nearly as fast as GeForce 6600 GDDR2 and Radeon X700 PRO.

The situation changes dramatically, when it comes to SM3.0/HDR graphics tests. Here Radeon X1300 PRO can only compete with GeForce 6600 GT, but just take a look at the price difference and the technical specifications of these two cards! Ati Radeon X1000 architecture once again proves that it is more cut for the future.

The second SM3.0 graphics test is simpler than the first one and GeForce 6600 GT regains its status quo. However, the second place is stably taken by the shy Radeon X1300 PRO, and the gap between the leader and the second best is really not that big: 10%-12% in 1280x1024.

Unlike the mainstream graphics cards, the winner in the value segment is indisputable: it is GeForce 6600 GT. It is at least as fast as Radeon X1300 PRO in SM3.0/HDR tests, and in SM2.0 it loses only to Radeon X800 GT and S3 Chrome S27 256MB. The standard modification of this graphics card is equipped with 128MB of graphics memory, but it is very unlikely to affect the performance in real games: you have to play in high resolutions to real feel short on video memory, and GeForce 6600 GT doesn’t have enough performance to provide comfortable gaming at high resolutions. This graphics card is a sort of a universal solution and suits very well for games using only SM2.0 as well as for games using SM3.0. On the other hand, Radeon X1300 PRO costs less and runs almost as fast in SM3.0 tests, therefore, it might be a better choice for those users who aim at the newest gaming titles but have limited budget for a graphics card upgrade. The S3 Chrome S27 256MB graphics card demonstrated truly phenomenal results here, however, it doesn’t have any future: it has no Shader Model 3.0 support, although it does really well in games using SM2.0.

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