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Futuremark Corporation has had a long history of designing, developing and delivering benchmarking tools. Overclockers and computer enthusiasts have been comparing their exploits with each other for almost a decade now, using 3DMark as the single frame of reference.

It might have been expected that the new 3DMark11 suite would be a killer of modern graphics cards. Even if you are a proud owner of a Radeon HD 5970 or a GeForce GTX 580, you won’t be able to say that there is no point in upgrading or overclocking you system after you run this benchmark. It will take some time for game developers implement the same amount of features and technologies as are abundant in the 3DMark11 engine, so it will serve as the hardest test of graphics performance for the near future.

It is a shame that for all the technical innovations and beauty, the benchmark has somehow lost its appeal as a demo. A demo mode is implemented again but we don’t think that someone will want to turn it on and enjoy it all day long in a loop. We guess the Mother Nature game test from 3DMark03 remains unsurpassed in terms of sheer aesthetics.

This concludes our review of the 3DMark11 suite. Once again Futuremark Corporation has managed to come up with a highly sophisticated piece of software which will take a few generations of graphics cards to get to high enough frame rates.


  • Genuine DirectX 11 benchmarking tool
  • Small distribution size
  • Runs on every DirectX 11 graphics card available on the market


  • Demo Mode is just boring
  • There are no real-life applications based on the 3DMark11 engine
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