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Recently AMD decided to make a step towards video game software developers with its AMD Gaming Evolved program. In this interview we are talking with the heads of the department of relations with independent software makers in AMD to find out more about the initiative.

X-bit labs: Hello guys, please introduce yourself to our readers. 

Neal Robinson: I am Neal Robison, the director of ISV relationship management at AMD.

Richard Huddy: I am Richard Huddy, the head of ISV relations in EMEA region.

David Hoff: I am David Hoff and Iam the director of AMD's advanced technology initiatives team.

PC Gaming Evolved

X-bit labs: ATI used to have Get in the Game campaign about six or seven years ago, which was not successful. Can you name differences between the Gaming Evolved and Get in the Game campaigns?

Neal Robison: Get in the Game achieved exactly what we set out to do, which was to engage with the game development community in a way that ensured a consistently great game experience when playing on ATI Radeon graphics cards.  We did everything from providing developers with pre-production hardware and drivers to sharing graphics product roadmaps so they could request new features.  We also established the monthly driver update schedule that is now considered a huge differentiator in buying an ATI Radeon graphics card.  What we did not do was buy advertising on the game load screens.

Fast forward to our recent launch of Gaming Evolved, and we are still all about the experience, only now we are talking about DirectX 11, ATI Stream and the immersive gaming experience of ATI Eyefinity multi-display technology.  We continue to deliver a monthly cadence of driver updates that brings gamers and productivity workers substantial performance improvements over the life cycle of their ATI Radeon product, for free.

With Gaming Evolved, we intend to be much more visible with our developer relationships because it is no longer enough to be the enabler, working quietly in the background.  Gamers are more sophisticated than ever before and will buy a graphics card based on how well it performs in their favorite game titles.  We want to tell gamers that Dirt 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2, to name just a few of the titles with which we are engaged, will play great on ATI Radeon graphics cards.

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