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Graphics cards from ATI Technologies have won many users’ respect due to their high performance in 3D games, but also due to their excellent video playback and picture output onto the screen.

The graphics card family from ATI is really wide and far-reaching. It includes entry-level products for office work, powerful gaming cards, professional 3D accelerators and also – combo-cards of the All-In-Wonder series. These fully comply with their name and combine a fast 3D-core with multimedia features. They allow viewing cable and broadcast channels on the computer, perform video editing with output onto a VCR or TV-set.

Today we will review an All-In-Wonder card based on the ATI RADEON 9700 PRO graphics chip. As every All-In-Wonder product is something more than just a graphics card, we use the term “multimedia card” to refer to it. We guess it suits best.

All-In-Wonder 9700 PRO is available only in retail and is supplied in a big colorful box that reads “Built by ATI”. ATI doesn’t produce ordinary gaming graphics cards under its own name anymore: it’s the job of the daughter company called SAPPHIRE that manufactures about 90% of all ATI cards. SAPPHIRE is not involved into All-In-Wonder cards production, however. So, we can’t definitely say who’s producing these multimedia cards for ATI.

The accessories coming with All-In-Wonder 9700 PRO are really numerous. We found the following items in the box:

Video appliances connection scheme via the given splitter:

A splitter from 8-pin composite Mini-Din connector to S-Video, one RCA video and two RCA audio connectors. This splitter is used to attach external devices to the input of the multimedia card.

HDTV alliances connection scheme via the given splitter:

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