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Software Bundle

The CD that comes with All-In-Wonder 9700 PRO contains the Catalyst 3.0 drivers and Multimedia Center version 8.0. The Multimedia Center is a bunch of programs for watching TV-channels, and playback of video and audio files from various mediums (CD, DVD). By default, a rather handy control panel is installed along with the Multimedia Center 8.0.

This panel can be visible as shown in the screenshot above, or attached to the border of the screen and hidden. In this case it pops up when you poke it with your mouse. Let’s see what programs constitute the Multimedia Center.

First of them is a TV-channels viewer: you can set up and watch any broadcast channels. This program is full of useful options, those that distinguish ATI’s TV-tuners from the ones designed by competitors. For example, there is an option to make the broadcast window transparent or set it as the wallpaper of the Desktop. Thus, you can view TV programs without moving the broadcast window all around because it covers the buttons of office programs in Windows.

The TV viewer can also save the video clip into a file anytime. All you need is to click a button on the program interface or press a corresponding button on the Remote Wonder.

The second program in the bundle is a media player. It can play video and audio files stored on the hard disk or any other medium. The File Player understands VCR (ATI’s specialty format), AVI, MPEG, MPEG-2, ASF. MP3, MIDI and WAVE files. So, File Player allows you to listen to MP3 files downloaded from the Web and to watch the Video disks recorded in MPEG, MPEG2 or MPEG4 format.

This player can play video in a transparent window, too. Of course, you can’t save the video into a file here, but there is an option to save most interesting moments as still images in the BMP format.

Three more programs resemble the File Player or rather some of its functions. One of them can play only VideoCDs, another – only AudioCDs, the third – DVDs only. Their functionality is limited compared to the File Player, but they are easier to use.

Next comes TV Guide Plus+. This is an electronic TV-schedule for downloading weakly show times. It works only in the United States and Canada.

The Multimedia Center from ATI has an integrated utility for organizing and managing a media-files library. The Library program stores all recorded and saved media-files: BMP screenshots and video clips.

The files can be sorted by their type or creation date. The Library has no previewing options and calls for other utilities of the ATI Multimedia Center to play the selected files.

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