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Overall, we can grade the quality of TV reception by our Sapphire The Beast All In Wonder 9700 PRO as satisfactory, no more.

Although Sapphire’s card proved far from best at receiving TV-channels, it left a good general impression mainly due to excellent software, especially its TV-related part.

All TV-tuner settings are hidden in the control panel you can pop up by right-clicking in the video playback window.

The Display panel contains controls for outputting the image onto the screen:

The most curious output mode is ThruView. This mode displays video “translucently” right over the Desktop and application windows, so you can work and watch video at the same time. Still, this mode is no good for doing anything: working or watching. You just can’t work on an Excel sheet or read a Web page in the browser when there is video seeping through. And you can’t enjoy watching videos, because the application windows interfere.

Next comes the Video panel, including the standard gamma settings:

The TV Tuner panel displays a list of all channels found. Here the user can choose favorite channels, name them, set up each of them independently:

Extra settings are accessed by clicking the Details button. You can set up video, sound, teletext and closed caption options for each of the channels. Moreover, it’s possible to switch a channel to another station or lock it up:

Among extra settings you will probably want to adjust the gamma and decoding type:

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