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ATI FM Radio: Version 8.6 Only

This program is not listed among the software tools that constitute the ATI MMC 8.7 for one simple reason: the developers forgot or refused to include this radio player into the new version of the Multimedia Center. So, to use the radio features of the GeXcube ALL-IN-WONDER 9600 PRO, you have to download the previous version of the MMC (8.6) from ATI Technologies website. I did the same, installed it and ran the ATI FM Radio to see the following window:

As you see, the program interface follows the style of other multimedia applications from ATI. Features? Not too many, but quite enough. There is memory for 5 stations, FM-On-Demand function (similar to TV-On-Demand) and recording. Curiously enough, only one recording format is supported: MPEG-3, 224Kbit/s, 16bit stereo. The receiver would be downright bad, if it didn’t support the alarm-clock function. It is present, so you can start your day with the sounds of your favorite radio station.

As for the receiving quality, it is hard to say anything definite, since our area is dense with various stations and the stereo sound was excellent even though I used just a cut of wire as an antenna.

Overall, the ATI FM Radio is one of the programs the owner of the multimedia combo is going to use really often. Unlike TV broadcasts, radio ones can be listened to even at work as they don’t require you to concentrate on them. Light music and latest news are all offered to the owner of the GeXcube ALL-IN-WONDER 9600 Pro. Again, the ATI FM Radio is only included into MMC version 8.6, and I think this is a drawback of the entire ALL-IN-WONDER 9600 PRO product. I only hope the developers will take note of this in the upcoming version of the ATI Multimedia Center.

ATI File Player, ATI Video CD Player and ATI CD Player

I decided to cover these three programs at a stroke as they have a lot in common.

ATI File Player

ATI Video CD Player

ATI CD Audio Player

The three programs do what their names oblige them to. They could have been easily united into one universal player, but the software people from ATI Technologies never did it for some reason. So, the user has to launch a different kind of player to play an AVI-file, a VideoCD or a CD-DA. The programs work without any errors, though. The ATI File Player is not very handy because of the inconveniently organized playlist. The first two players support ThruView Window and ThruView Desktop functions.

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