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Gemstar Guide PLUS+, for the USA and Canada Only

The next topic for discussion in our list is the interactive digital TV-schedule, Gemstar Guide PLUS+. You can look up the time of your favorite program in it just like in a “paper” TV schedule. Its integration into the MMC makes it very easy to use:

The program is full of functions (there is even a crossword!), but its interface is rather featureless and humble. Note that only the people from the USA and Canada can enjoy this feature to the full. Residing in Europe, I can’t add anything more on the matter. Note only that the program allows you to record TV broadcasts by schedule.

MMC Library – Your Multimedia Library

The last piece of software to be discussed is the MMC Library, which is going to help you organize and control your media assets in the easiest manner. The program interface is most simple:

Of course, the library is empty on the first run. You can scan the hard disks of your PC for multimedia content to populate the library.

After the scanning is over, you can work with the library. You can play and sort the files, create playlists and even burn VideoCDs, Super VideoCDs and DVDs (use the Create Media Layout function for that). Alas, the program was not stable when working with the burn-ready projects: it generated an error message and closed down several times. The library keeps a statistics entry for each file telling you how many times this file has been watched and the time of the last access.

I guess the MMC Library will come in handy for owners of huge video and audio collections. If your collection is on the hard disk, this program can make your life easier, but you are unlucky if you have it on CD and DVD disks. :)

So, the ATI Multimedia Center is really an indispensable portion of the GeXcube ALL-IN-WONDER 9600 Pro multimedia combo: the software suite comprises all of its functions. It is not free from a few drawbacks, but anyway allows using the entire features range of this product.

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