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Comparing the results of the GiGi GeForce FX5900 PV card with different drivers, we see that NVIDIA software developers have had a hand in here, too. The unofficial driver version 44.90 shows just what we should see and the RADEON 9800 PRO wins the test.

The new official version of drivers from NVIDIA may either be free from any “optimizations” or (which is more probable) bring even more of them.


The graphics card we got for our tests left an ambiguous impression. It is pretty, comes with many accessories, and shows good performance and excellent overclockability. On the other hand, it produced poor picture in 2D and had this minor defect of the cooling system: loose contact between the heatsink and the memory chips surface. The new BIOS version is also less speedy, but not dramatically so.

The packaging (bag) looks original, but is of little use. You can only carry a notebook in it, but notebook owners usually have better bags, designed exactly for their computers. However, the package of Albatron GiGi GeForce FX5900 PV will undoubtedly draw customers’ attention, which is exactly what the manufacturer wanted. The cute elfin gal on the package serves this purpose, too. By the way, Albatron GiGi GeForce FX5900 PV may make a good gift due to its nice exterior.

The VIVO functions work as they are supposed to. Owners of analog camcorders who do not demand superfluous quality may use them to their advantage. Games that come with the card are relatively old, but maybe you didn’t play them when they were younger?

As for performance, we should say the same thing as in our ASUS V9950 Review. Albatron GiGi GeForce FX5900 PV is very fast in modern games and applications, but slow shaders execution makes its future rather vague. This is true for all GeForce FX-based graphics cards. So, if you don’t care about the games of tomorrow, and resolutions of 1280x1024 and higher, or want to make a gift to your friend, consider this graphics card. It may suit you well.


  • High performance in modern games;
  • Excellent overclocking potential;
  • Quiet cooling system with a backup fan and highlighting;
  • VIVO functions;
  • Numerous accessories;
  • Nice exterior;
  • Original package.


  • Low shader processing speed;
  • Poor 2D quality in resolutions from 1280x1024 and up;
  • Loose contact between the heatsink and memory chips;
  • High price.
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