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Now please have a look at the list of accessories you get with the graphics card:

  • D-Sub-to-DVI-I adapter;
  • VIVO splitter;
  • S-Video cable;
  • RCA cable;
  • CD with drivers;
  • CD with PowerDirector 2.5 ME;
  • CD with PowerDVD XP;
  • CD with Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project;
  • CD with demos of Age of Wonders II, Beam Breakers, Max Payne, Rally Trophy and Zax.

Not bad all in all, but I think that they might have included more and better games into the software bundle.

Closer Look


The PCB layout of this card doesn’t in fact differ from NVIDIA’s new reference design, save for its blue color. The only distinguishing feature of this solution is the three-fan cooling system. The heatsink mounted onto the card is covered with a plate shaped like a wingspread bird. Although the cooling system seems to occupy one slot, you will anyway have to keep the next PCI slot free to provide air for the fans. Otherwise, considering the hot temper of NV35, the card may behave unpredictably, and even go down altogether. Besides, the heatsink that seems to be of copper is not a real cooper piece in fact. When we removed it, we found that the thermal paste layer is not everywhere thick enough to provide tight contact to the memory chips. So, we had to scrub it away and apply new silver paste from Titan.

When you see that there are three fans, you may expect this cooling system to be really noisy, maybe even as noisy as the legendary original FlowFX cooling solution. However, there is no need to worry that much. In the nominal mode, only two first fans are rotating, while the rear one is off. It is powered up by the Wise Fan system in case one of the main fans fails. The controller of this system is placed in the centre of the heatsink and looks like a small board with a couple of chips. A bright-blue LED is located right next to it. Actually, we don’t quite understand the logic of the cooling system designers. In fact, the fan is very unlikely to go down. It could be better to make the third fan turn on after some critical temperature has been reached. GiGi GeForce FX5900 PV did produce very little noise at work, though. Under the heatsink, we found memory chips from Hynix with 2.2ns access time. This gave us some hope for successful overclocking.

Unlike ASUS V9950, Albatron GiGi GeForce FX5900PV graphics card is equipped with the VIVO function. The PCB carries a Philips SAA7108AE chip that is responsible for Video-out, while Video-in is provided by the controller integrated into NV35.

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