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Shipments of graphics adapters in Q3 2010 were below expectations and below shipments in the second quarter. What is it? A sign of new weakness in the global economy? Or just a temporary correction caused by local factors? Let us try to find it out with a vice president of the leading supplier of standalone graphics processors - Advanced Micro Devices - who kindly answered questions of X-bit labs.

Traditionally, sales of graphics adapters in general and standalone graphics processing units (GPUs) in particular top in the third quarter. There are many reasons for that: loads of consumers buy new equipment during the back-to-school season, large OEMs are forming their lineups for the final months of the year, some companies begin to think about Christmas season and some people simply buy new graphics boards to play the latest video games for PC. This was not exactly so in Q3 2010, according to recently released market share and shipments numbers by Mercury Research.

Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager of GPU division at AMD

It appeared that shipments of discrete graphics cards increased a bit, but sales of standalone mobile graphics processors were down significantly. To make the matters worse, sales of chipsets with integrated graphics processors (IGPs) dropped significantly. In overall, the whole market of graphics adapters dropped by 4.9%, according to Mercury Research, a leading graphics chips market tracking firm.

Some of the numbers of the Mercury Research report (which can be viewed in our news-stores: 1, 2) were so surprising that we decided to ask leading suppliers of graphics processing units - AMD and Nvidia - about them. Fortunately, we have managed to ask some questions to Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager of GPU division at AMD. Unfortunately, Nvidia is in its quiet period at the moment and it cannot answer any market or financial performance-related questions even briefly.

Let us find out, what was hot for AMD's ATI unit back in the third quarter and what was not!

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