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DirectX 11 GPUs Gaining Share

X-bit labs: How significantly were you affected by TSMC's ability to produce enough 40nm chips in Q3 2010?

Matt Skynner: We could not meet all our demand in the third quarter of this year on the Radeon HD 5800- and 5700-series. But the overall situation was getting better in Q3.

X-bit labs: Can you reveal the split between DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 capable products among your shipments in Q3?

Matt Skynner: In September we said that we had shipped 25 million DirectX 11-capable graphics processors since the launch in September '09. The share is shifting very heavily towards DX11.

Due to competitive reasons AMD's vice president does not disclose the amount of DirectX 11-class graphics processors that were shipped in the third quarter of 2010. But we can do some math, can't we? On the 1st of June, 2010, the company announced that it had shipped 11 million DirectX11 graphics processing unit. In mid-October the company claimed that it had shipped 25 million of DX11-capable GPUs by the end of September. This means that the company supplied 14 million of DirectX 11-class graphics products between June and September, both discrete and mobile. Keeping in mind that, according to Mercury Research, AMD sold 16.95 million of standalone graphics processing units in Q3 2010 in total, it looks like the vast majority of them indeed supported DirectX 11 API.

X-bit labs: What are your expectations for calendar Q4 in terms of discrete desktop and discrete mobile GPU shipments?

Matt Skynner: Our goal is to retain the No. 1 market share. That's the plan!

X-bit labs: Do you expect shortages of 40nm chips to persist in Q4 as well?

Matt Skynner: We have just launched a new product. With the launch of every new product the demand often outstrips supply as we ramp up production. I do not see it as a 40nm capacity issue, but it is an normal issue during the ramp up process. There could be issues with availability of our new products, but those may not be capacity issues.

X-bit labs: But you do have internal shipments targets for the Northern Islands series? Which you will never share? :)

Matt Skynner: We absolutely do [have such targets]. No, [we do not share them].

X-bit labs: Maybe you would like to add something on the Mercury Research's numbers?

Matt Skynner: The numbers from Mercury Research go up and down. I often look at the trends. Over the last six quarters or so we have gone from ~35% standalone GPU market share to over 50% share. The trend is good for AMD, we are happy about that and we intend to keep that trend going.

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