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I have to admit that I really enjoyed testing a triple-monitor gaming system like that. I have to be excused for naming this setup a mainstream solution, but in a way it is indeed so. An affordable system with three monitors, like the one we built, will require an additional investment of about $700. For your reference, top-of-the-line setup with triple 30" monitors is priced as high as $3,000.

We were quite pleased with the way both systems performed. It is very hard to make a definite distinction between AMD Eyefinity Technology and Nvidia Surround Vision. As with everything, there are both positive as well as negative sides to each of them.

The biggest advantage of AMD Eyefinity is that it can be activated on virtually any of the currently available graphics cards. However, you will need to purchase an additional active DisplayPort adapter, which are quite expensive.

The alternative approach is a bit more stable in terms of video driver performance and doesn’t require additional expensive connectors. However, Nvidia’s solution can support 2+ monitors only if the system features two GPUs inside. In this case your options are a very expensive GeForce GTX 590 or a massive SLI configuration, which requires an SLI-ready mainboard.

Whichever setup you are going to choose, be ready to spend a little on top anyway. In return, you will most definitely be blown away by the superb gaming experience. Unlike 3D installations, in this case you won’t suffer from tired eye muscles or migraines.

As for performance, you will have to go for the top-of-the-line offering in both cases. Running 5760x1080 resolution is an extreme task even for such powerful products as Radeon HD 6990 and GeForce GTX 590. Unfortunately, if you are using one of those affordable setups, such as Radeon HD 6970 or GeForce GTX 560 Ti SLI, you will have to disable some of the “eye candy” features right from the start. I have to say that nevertheless your overall gaming experiece is still going to be great.

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