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The Way They Do It

The AMD Way

We are going to start with AMD's approach to building multiple-display configurations (as they come first in alphabetic order). The marketing department at AMD has been working really hard for the last five years or so. ATI acquisition and brand merger that followed obviously required a lot of effort from the marketing department to convince the public that all changes are for the best not only for the company, but also for the end-users.


Taking into account the user feedback, growing demand and previous technological achievements AMD came up with AMD Eyefinity Technology. This technology allows putting together three, four, five or even six displays for a truly unique gaming experience. It was supposed to be a technological masterpiece and a dream setup for all major hardcore gamers out there.

But not everything is as rosy as it seems. There are a few problems to overcome on this way to perfection. First of all you need six displays, each of which is going to cost you at least $250. Secondly, you need enough space to build this permanent setup. Wall mounting is going to set you back another few hundred dollars. The power bills are the next big thing. Let’s assume you agree to all of the above mentioned expenses, but unfortunately, this is not all yet.

You see, natively AMD Radeon HD graphics cards support only two displays, no matter what connection protocol is used. But if you want to connect a third, fourth, fifth or sixth monitor you need an adapter supporting DisplayPort for each monitor after the first two. On the positive note I have to say that the whole system is quite user friendly and its broad compatibility allows you to tie together different display models.

AMD has recently updated its online setup guide so it became even easier go get your multi-display system started. As you can also see from the screenshots above, Catalyst Control Center offers very simple and intuitive setup options and you should hardly have any difficulty configuring your multi-monitor system with AMD Eyefinity.

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