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Performance in Third-Person 3D Shooters

Just Cause 2

Third-person shooters in general have lower hardware requirements than the first-person shooter titles. This is a good thing if you decide to run Just Cause 2 video game on a three-monitor system. The 30 fps limit is easily reachable by all three of our dual-GPU graphics sub-systems. There is no point in disabling the FSAA and even Radeon HD 6970 is a good option since it manages to deliver 20+ frames per second. It is not a bad result for a single GPU in this particular case.

We expected a lot from Just Cause 2 in terms of surround feel and I have to admit that our expectations partially came true. If your character slides holding on to the hook, the feeling of speed is immense and there are moments when you feel like reaching for the brakes. But in any other scene, you really don't notice the benefits of having two satellite displays on both sides. 

Lost Planet 2

One of the true hardware bone-breakers has once again proven its reputation. All testing participants performed very slow in Lost Planet 2 except for the Radeon HD 6990. It is the only graphics card that is capable of reaching a 30+ fps speed. Also, the products on Fermi architecture behaved somewhat strangely, meaning that additional workload was way too high and it looked like the current ForceWare driver was not well-optimized for 5760x1080 resolution.

Surprisingly, additional monitors managed to change the gaming experience for the best dramatically. The previous boring gameplay is now more fun and entertaining than any other game you have ever played. The jungle scenes are especially good for showcasing surround benefits. If you have ever wondered what it is going to feel like to be on a jungle safari trip, now you can get a taste of it.

Lost Planet 2 fans won’t have any problem choosing between one bigger display and three smaller displays. The answer is obvious. The boss fights have also become state of the art. If only Shadow of Colossus could be run on a system supporting Eyefinity or Surround Vision.

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