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First of all, we must remind you that the current prices of the three premium graphics solutions available today – AMD Radeon HD 7990, Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 and Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan – are comparable. Each costs about $1000. That’s quite a lot of money, so not all of us can afford such a product.

If we look at them from a wealthy gamer’s standpoint, we’d prefer either dual-processor solution to the Titan because they are faster by 20% and more. It’s harder to choose between the Radeon HD 7990 and GeForce GTX 690 because, except for a couple of games into either side, they deliver the same performance. They differ in their selections of video interfaces but we can’t definitely say which selection is better. The Nvidia product has been longer on the market and is better in terms of noise level, power consumption, heat dissipation and compactness, but the AMD features 1.5 times more onboard memory for each GPU. It’s up to you to decide which benefits are heftier.

Meanwhile, the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan may come in handy for GPGPU and CUDA applications if the Tesla K20X seems to be too expensive to you. The Titan is the quietest of the three products and, by the way, it is still the fastest single-processor graphics card available on the market.

In conclusion we would like to award AMD Radeon HD 7990 2 x 3 GB our Ultimate Innovation title:

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