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F1 2012

The race simulator games are usually not very graphics demanding. F1 2012 is quite typical in this respect. This game will run on integrated systems quite well even if we use high image quality settings and FullHD resolution. And although Radeon HD 7660D is almost 35% faster than Radeon HD 6550D from the Llano processor, the discrete Radeon HD 6570 is still a little faster. However, any integrated products from AMD look way better than the top graphics core of the competition – Intel HD Graphics 4000. As you can see, A10-5800K processor is about 60% faster than Core i3-3225 in F1 2012 game.

Far Cry 2

We didn’t exclude Far Cry 2 from our testing suite on purpose. This four-year-old shooter shows that the contemporary Trinity APU works remarkably well in the previous generation games. For example, we managed to play in 1920x1080 resolution with maximum available graphics quality settings and over 30 fps average framerate (without FSAA, of course). The minimal recorded fps was 23 frame per second.

Sleeping Dogs

Unfortunately, the graphics core of the A10-5800K processor is again unable to defeat the discrete Radeon HD 6570 graphics card: it falls about 10-15% behind in this game. The reason for this is quite obvious: it could use higher bandwidth memory. Therefore, the growing popularity of solutions like Trinity may actually revive the DDR3 SDRAM market. The performance doesn’t depend that much on memory in general purpose applications, but the systems with integrated graphics may really benefit from fast memory sub-system. However, we are going to dwell on this particular aspect later in this review.

Sniper Elite V2

Of all existing integrated GPUs the Radeon HD 7660D version of the Devastator core is the fastest. The results in Sniper Elite V2 benchmark once again confirm this. The new modification of the integrated graphics core from AMD is 26% and 43% faster than the previous Sumo modification depending on the image quality settings. As a result, Radeon HD 7660D turns out twice as fast as Intel HD Graphics 4000. In other words, AMD remains way ahead of their competitor when it comes to integrated GPUs. Moreover, AMD Trinity completely overshadowed the progress Intel made with their Ivy Bridge launch. So, in the end APU from both makers rank totally differently.

Cinebench R11.5

All games above use DirectX software interface. However, we also wanted to see how the graphics accelerators would cope with OpenGL tasks. Therefore, we also ran a few tests in professional graphics suite – Cinema 4D.

The situation is quite typical. Trinity performance in OpenGL application doesn’t differ really from its performance in gaming DirectX tasks. Radeon HD 7660D graphics accelerator integrated into the new AMD A10-5800K processor is ahead of its predecessor and Intel competitor, but falls behind discrete Radeon HD 6570 graphics card. At the same time the OpenGL performance we see here makes the idea of using integrated graphics for professional applications quite feasible. Moreover, AMD even offers special “professional” Trinity processors, which will be available under FirePro name.

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