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LeadTek WinFast A380 TDH Ultra: Closer Look

Yes, the engineers from LeadTek evidently tend to be monumental. The cooling solution of the A380 TDH Ultra looks not any weaker than the one installed onto the A350 TDH.


The GPU die and the memory chips are hidden under a big copper plate. Three folded copper stripes are soldered up to it. They serve as cooling ribs. The 60mm fan we see here is usually found in CPU coolers rather than graphics cards. This is all covered with a bulletproof casing carrying a protective grid. It is designed so that a part of the air stream from the fan went to the other side of the PCB and blew at the rear heatsink. This part of the cooling solution, responsible for the memory chips on the backside of the PCB, is no less massive. It is a huge aluminum heatsink with high ribs. Two plastic and two metal clips hold the entire construction tight in its place. This cooling system makes you forget about any overheating problems. A thick thermal paste with good thermal qualities serves as a thermal interface between the cooler’s sole and the GPU die surface.

Bravo, LeadTek! We have only to check out this cooling solution in practice to see (or hear) if it’s of any danger to our ears.

The design of the PCB resembles the GeForce FX 5900 (Ultra) reference card with some distinctions. They show most in the right part of the card where voltage regulators and other “power” electronics reside. The new card works at higher frequencies and consumes more power. The left part of the PCB features a few changes, too, but they are minor. A TMDS-transmitter from Silicon Image (Sil164CT64) and a VIVO chip from Philips (SAA7108AE) are located there. The 2.0ns memory chips come from Hynix. 16 chips like that make the total of the graphics memory: 256MB. The memory works at 475MHz (950MHz DDR). The GPU frequency is 475MHz, too, but only in 3D. When processing 2D graphics, it works at 300MHz and slows the cooler down to reduce the noise.

LeadTek WinFox 2.0 – Another Emergency System

We already described the WinFox 2.0 set in our LeadTek WinFast A350 TDH Graphics Card Review. I think there is no need to repeat the same thing once again. Please check this article for more details on it.

LeadTek WinFast A380 TDH Ultra: 2D Quality and Noise

2D image quality was excellent, with the picture remaining crisp in all resolutions up to 1600x1200@85Hz. Noise was quite another thing. When the card is in the 2D mode, it is practically noiseless, as the fan rotates slowly. But as soon as you launch any 3D application, the fan speeds up to its maximum. It would be all right, if it were not for the quite indecent noise. Of course, this cooler cannot beat the notorious NVIDIA FlowFX, but the hiss of the air coming through the dense grid is not a pleasant experience to the ear. So, I have to say that the efficiently-looking cooling solution of the LeadTek WinFast A380 TDH Ultra card is too noisy to be considered comfortable.

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