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LeadTek WinFast A380 TDH Ultra: Overclocking

We installed an additional 120mm fan onto this card for overclocking, too. The GPU worked stable at 515MHz, memory – at 505MHz (1010MHz DDR). I couldn’t go above these numbers: when using the CoolBits function, I had the frequency resetting to the nominal value, while RivaTuner made the system hang up. Anyway, the extra 40MHz GPU and 30MHz memory should be considered a good achievement, since topmost graphics cards are usually badly fitted for overclocking.

LeadTek WinFast A380 TDH Ultra: Conclusion

The LeadTek WinFast A380 TDH Ultra graphics card left me doubtful. On the one hand, it is a quality product with a nice set of accessories. Its advantages include a very efficient cooling solution, excellent 2D image quality, VIVO functionality, component video output and hardware monitoring system, WinFox 2.0. On the other hand, this very cooling solution roars like hell in 3D applications. It’s too annoying to be waved aside.

Those who are interested in the capabilities of the product and are undaunted by its noise can purchase it for as much as $435-446, according to I think that’s an interesting offer. 

NVIDIA vs. ATI Technologies: Anisotropic Filtering Quality

Besides the ordinary tests, we compared the quality of anisotropic filtering as provided by graphics cards on chips from ATI and NVIDIA. I guess it’s better to show you the results rather than talk about them. Just take a look at the screenshots:

Click a thumbnail for the high-resolution version


ATI, Catalyst 3.8

NVIDIA, Detonator 45.23

As you see, NVIDIA’s chips are better at anisotropic filtering, although have a lower maximum level of anisotropy – 8x against 16x by ATI’s VPU. You can see the difference by the textures at a distance. ATI’s chips crippled the slope of the hill, probably because of its “inconvenient” angle. As you know, the AF algorithm implemented by ATI Technologies works best on definite angles, but degrades in quality in other cases. This approach to AF implementation has certain advantages, the main of which is high performance.

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