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Package and Accessories

ASUS does not seem to position the Extreme N6600GT Silencer as a solution for enthusiast gamers: all the gamers who liked the GeForce 6600 GT have already acquired appropriate graphics cards and today the GeForce 6600 GT is likely to appeal mostly to gamers in budget, who are unlikely to pay attention to the passively-cooled product which costs higher compared to a typical board. As a result of that, the Extreme N6600GT Silencer seems to be primarily aimed at computer users who seek for balanced performance, silent operation and are not really in budget, but prefer not to spend much.

As a result of its positioning, ASUS Extreme N6600GT Silencer has received appropriate package: a truly large box with a handle for easier carrying, similar to those used with high-end ASUS graphics cards. Previously, mainstream graphics accelerators from this manufacturer were supplied in much smaller boxes (for details see our article called ASUS N6600 GT/TD Graphics Card Review ). The design of the package resembles design of other boxes from ASUSTeK graphics cards and has an aggressive computer gamer drawn on its front-side.

While the product is not based on the world’s highest-performing chip, its bundle is very impressive, at least, for this class of devices. Along with the board users get numerous games, necessary software as well as a couple of adapters.

Have a look at the listing of supplied programs:

  • Project Snowblind game;
  • Xpand Rally game (ASUS edition);
  • Second Sight;
  • Power Drome;
  • Chaos League game;
  • ASUS DVD XP software;
  • Media & Show software;
  • Power Director 3 software;
  • ASUS Driver & Utilities disc.

The list is pretty impressive for a relatively inexpensive product. Previous performance-mainstream part from ASUSTeK did not include that rich set of additional software, which once again proves that the ASUS Extreme N6600GT Silencer is not an ordinary product.

The graphics card is equipped with D-Sub, DVI-I and HDTV outputs, which is a pretty ordinary set of connectors for mainstream graphics adapters. In addition, ASUS supplies a special dongle that has TV-outputs, including S-Video, YPbPr and RCA connectors. Unfortunately, the adapter has very short wire and it is unlikely to be very comfortable to use, as we explained in some of other reviews.

Since we are talking about a product which comes from ASUS and which cannot be called a budget offering, the manufacturer supplied its own software designed for gamers with the Extreme N6600 GT Silencer. The software bundle includes:

  • ASUS Splendid Video Enhancing Technology – detects activation and usage of video applications and automatically optimizes image quality for better visual result.
  • ASUS GameFace Messenger – audio/video communication feature that enables point-to-point video conferencing functions and online gaming to take place simultaneously.
  • ASUS GameLiveShow – allows to broadcast gaming experience and victories over the Internet.
  • ASUS GameReplay – software that records gaming experience into MPEG4 video in order to allow games to analyze mistakes in moves or tactics aftermath1.
  • ASUS Video Security Online – allows to set up a camera and broadcast video over the Internet. Can be tuned in order to react on movements only.
  • ASUS OnScreenDisplay (OSD) – a software that allows to adjust monitor settings without leaving a game.

As we see, ASUSTeK’s Extreme N6600 GT Silencer comes with a fine set of games and additional software, especially keeping in mind that this product is not supposed to be very expensive. ASUS definitely deserves a credit for supplying the same set of software with the Extreme N6600 GT Silencer as it provides with the more advanced products, such as those based on the GeForce 7800-series graphics processors.

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