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Performance in First-Person 3D Shooters

Aliens vs. Predator

About a year ago we wrote that the latest Aliens vs. Predator had come out with very high system requirements. It used to be a very difficult test even for top-end product then. But now it is perfectly playable even at the highest resolution on our configuration built out of an ASUS EAH6990/3DI4S/4GD5 and a Radeon HD 6970. The SLI subsystem with three GeForce GTX 570s cannot beat that result, particularly because it has poor scalability in this test. The addition of a third card doesn’t improve the performance of the SLI configuration much.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam

We are not sure whether it is worth investing more money into your computer for playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam if you’ve already got a Radeon HD 6970. This graphics card may only call for help at the highest and rather rarely used resolution of 2560x1600. The single ASUS EAH6990/3DI4S/4GD5 easily copes with the highest resolution whereas the 3-way CrossFireX configuration leaves no chance to its opponents in this test.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

The game’s graphics engine is too old to be a heavy burden for today’s GPUs. A CrossFireX or SLI configuration is going to be overkill for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Crysis 2

Nvidia’s investments into The Way It’s Meant to Be Played program bear fruit in Crysis 2. Our 3-way CrossFireX configuration is not competitive at all at 1600x900. Although its performance improves at the higher resolutions and it delivers over 60 fps, the ASUS Radeon HD 6990+6970 subsystem can’t catch up with the leaders in this test.

Metro 2033

This game is tested with the tessellation option turned on.


We’ve got the same standings as in Crysis 2. The Nvidia-based solutions are unrivalled. It is only at the highest load (2560x1600) that the ASUS tandem overtakes the 3-way GeForce GTX 570 configuration. The Radeons seem to make a better use of the GDDR5 bandwidth there.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

This game runs with enabled tessellation.

We can see a familiar picture here. The Nvidia-based solutions meet no competition on the part of the Radeon HD series. But if we put the competitors aside, the single ASUS EAH6990/3DI4S/4GD5 is quite capable of running this game at the highest settings and with a comfortable frame rate. Adding a Radeon HD 6970 to it increases the frame rate by 12 to 18%.

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