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Package and Accessories

Just like any other Top series product, this card comes in a huge colorful box with a handle. It’s not that the box contains too much stuff, but the manufacturer just needed enough space to present all the ads for the exclusive technologies employed. The handle is today a typical thing for any top-end graphics card from any leading manufacturer because it’s just unhandy to carry boxes of that size in your hands or under your arm.

The box sports labels of the following technologies the card supports:

  • ASUS Splendid Video Enhancing Technology automatically spots a started video application and optimizes image parameters for better quality
  • ASUS GameFace Messenger provides audio and video communication between players during network play
  • ASUS GameLiveShow allows broadcasting your gameplay in the Internet
  • ASUS GameReplay can save your gameplay in a MPEG4 file for viewing later and analyzing your mistakes
  • ASUS Video Security Online transforms your graphics card into a simple video surveillance system after you attach a web-camera to it
  • ASUS OnScreenDisplay (OSD) allows adjusting the image parameters like brightness, contrast, etc. without leaving the game.

Besides the card and user manual, the box contains the following:

  • Power splitter
  • One DVI-I → D-Sub adapter (the card has two outputs, both DVI)
  • VIVO unit on a very long cord; it is attached to the appropriate connector on the graphics card and offers three outputs (composite, component, S-Video) and two inputs (composite and S-Video)
  • Black imitation-leather case for CDs with ASUS’s logo. This case looks real beautiful we should acknowledge
  • CDs with drivers, games and other software

You can check the performance of the graphics card right away on any of the seven included games:

  • King Kong
  • Savage
  • Temple of Time
  • Mashed: Drive to Survive
  • Second Sight
  • Powerdrome: Race of Champions
  • Chaos League

Besides the games, there are a few more CD-disks with the following tools:

  • Asus Utility and Driver
  • Media Show
  • Asus DVD XP

After we had taken all this stuff out of the box, we found the box empty, although we had expected to find something real cool and useful among the accessories like a web-camera or a set of quality cables – this is a Top product after all! Unfortunately, ASUS doesn’t indulge the user this time around. The good news is that there are seven games included, including the rather recent title Peter Jackson’s King Kong, the official game of the movie.

Well, our realm is hardware so we just pushed everything aside to have a good view at the card before plugging it into the PCI Express slot of our testbed.

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