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Package and Accessories

Both graphics cards are parceled in ASUS’ standard package, a huge box with a handle. The boxes are designed identically, the text with the model name being the single difference:

Besides that, the EN7900GS Top package has a sticker that tells you that this card’s speed is increased over the standard GeForce 7900 GS. ASUS claims a performance growth of 20% and we’ll check out this claim later on. The picture on the box shows a trooper from Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, this 3D shooter being included with the EN7950GT and EN7900GS Top.

Traditionally for ASUS products, the contents of the boxes are neatly put in separate compartments and the cards are firmly fixed in foam-rubber trays to avoid damage during transportation and storage. There is a flap on each box, yet there is still no window under it to give us a view of the card.

ASUS ships its EN7950GT and EN7900GS Top with the following accessories:

  • Molex→PCI Express power converter
  • YPbPr splitter
  • DVI-I→D-Sub adapter
  • Brief installation guide and warranty coupon (in English and Chniese)
  • User’s guide (multilingual)
  • CD holder case made of artificial leather
  • CD disk with ASUS drivers and brand name software
  • CD disk with full multilingual user’s guide
  • DVD with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter game

Strangely enough, ASUS saved on a second DVI-I → D-Sub adapter, although each card has two DVI connectors. This doesn’t quite agree with the packaging whose appearance and size implies that the EN7950GT and EN7900GS Top are to be regarded as top-end products. Well, LCD monitors are widespread nowadays, most of them featuring a DVI input which provides a higher image quality than the analog D-Sub. If the monitor doesn’t support DVI, the user can utilize the included adapter. It’s unlikely that the user would have two monitors with only D-Sub inputs, but anyway, this paltry economy on a cheap adapter looks strange on the part of such a respectable manufacturer as ASUS.

We have no complaints about the documentation enclosed with the card. The brief installation guide is written in 20 languages, and if you want a more detailed manual, you’ll find one on the included CD.

The disc with drivers contains the ASUS Enhanced driver that supports a number of ASUS’ exclusive technologies like GameFace Messenger, Splendid Video Enhancing Technology, and OnScreenDisplay (we described them in our ASUS EAX1900XTX review). It also contains additional software to support all those technologies. Unfortunately, the enhanced driver takes up about 140MB on your hard disk and is based on the out-dated version of ForceWare (91.47). The up-to-date version is numbered 93.71. If you don’t have any use for ASUS’ technologies, we guess it’s better to install the latest official ForceWare instead of ASUS’ special driver. You’ll have fewer performance and compatibility related issues then.

The CD case included with the graphics cards can store 16 discs. It is quite handy if you have to take so many discs with you on a trip. A full version of the 3D tactical shooter Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is also included. This game is on our list of benchmarks, by the way. It is a rather demanding application, but the GeForce 7950 GT and GeForce 7900 GS are quite capable of delivering a good speed in 1280x1024, so this game is a proper choice.

Thus, the packaging and accessories of the EN7950GT and EN7900GS Top deserve our praises, yet we guess it’s no good that there is no second DVI-I → D-Sub adapter included. It cannot affect the cost of a top-end product much. We don’t think such paltry economy becomes the respectable ASUS.

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