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Closer Look: ASUS V9950 Graphics Card

The new solution from ASUS Company based on GeForce FX 5900 looks very attractive: classical dark-green PCB with a stylish-looking cooling solution, which fans glimmer in the UV light, by the way. The printed circuit board of this graphics card is shorter than the reference GeForce FX 5900 Ultra PCB from NVIDIA: they removed mostly the power supply components located along the very right edge of the card. On the left, you can see a TMDS-transmitter from Silicon Image implementing the DVI-I Out and a spot for the VIVO chip, which will be installed onto the Ultra version of this product.

When we took the card, we were surprised to feel how unusually heavy it was, which was definitely caused by a massive copper heatsink covering the graphics chip and the memory chips. The heatsink foot was of some very complex shape with special lugs for the memory chips, which ensures very tight contact with their upper surface. Throughout the entire test session we didn’t have any complaints about the cooling. Moreover, this cooling solution works almost noiselessly, at east we couldn’t hear it working against the background of the CPU cooler and HDD fan. We can only thank ASUS engineers for this touching care about the user’s ears.

The only comment about the construction of this graphics accelerator has to do with the power supply connector: it is installed vertically, which is not very convenient, and holds to the PCB only by the soldering. Just for you to get a better idea of what I am talking about: the same connector on a few other graphics cards is installed horizontally and is fastened to the PCB not only by the soldering but also by two special plastic hook-lugs.

The reverse side of the PSB hides nothing remarkable: you can only see the spots planned for additional 128MB of graphics memory used in the Ultra version. Unfortunately, the card is pretty long even though it has a shorter PCB than the reference, and when installed it may block 1 or 2 DIMM slots. All in all, ASUS V9950 can surely be called a high-class graphics accelerator, boasting very high-quality design, brand name cooling solution and very rich bundle.

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